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TuneClone Audio Converter is a very easy to use software that convert iTunes M4P, WMA music files to plain MP3, easy to install, and easy to use via a simple user interface.
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How to mix iTunes M4P with Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro")?

I have purchased a number of music files from Apple iTunes Music Store. These are stored in iTunes and are "m4p" type.I want to edit it with Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro") and have not been able to do so; apparently Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro") does not handle this type of file. Is there a way to do this?

You have purchased a lot of music files from iTunes online store, and want to mix them with Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro")? You got the right place! Please read this simple guide to edit the DRM protected M4P music file with Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro").

Cool Edit Pro M4p ,M4P software converts DRM protected music WMA, M4P, M4B to MP3

The music files you bought from iTunes online music store is protected by DRM. It is in the format of .m4p, you could not play the .m4p music file without iTunes, iPod, iPhone etc. It could NOT be edit by Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro") directly too. If you want to remix the DRM protected .M4P music files with Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro"), you need to convert the protected m4p file to unprotected MP3 first, or you need to strip the DRM of the protected music file first.

TuneClone is such a software to convert the M4P music file to MP3, WAV easily. You can click here to download TuneClone and convert them to MP3 files before importing to your Adobe Premiere project. [Read more guide...]



blackberry music ,Virtual CD-RW burner converts DRM protected music WMA, M4P, M4B to MP3 TuneClone uses a virtual CD burning technology to simulate the burning and ripping process and can convert M4P files to MP3 without any CD-R disc and do this work quickly. TuneClone installs a virtual CD-RW, it helps you burn any unprotected or DRM protected M4P, M4a, WMA music files onto the virtual CD, rips tracks on the virtual CD, encodes tracks onto MP3, WAV or WMA music files. It can repeat this audio converting procedure until your whole music collection is done.

Since the virtual CD emulates your computer RAM and hard disk as erasable CD-RW drive (Virtual CD-RW), the converting speed is faster than any other m4p to mp3 conversion programs.


More About Adobe Audition (formerly "Cool Edit Pro")

With Adobe Audition (formerly called "Cool Edit Pro"), you can accomplish at home the kind of effects that used to require an entire pro audio studio. Whether you're trying to write an opera, a Broadway show tune, or just convert a file from CD to MP3, Adobe Audition is an all-purpose tool that helps get you to that finished product with a minimum of fuss.

It lets you record your own music, voice, or other audio, edit it, and then mix it with other audio or musical parts. You can add effects like Reverb, Chorus, and Echo to it, then equalize it all. Then, you can master it so that you can burn it to a CD, post it on the Web, or e-mail it.

You can move audio around just as you do text in a word processor, and if you make a mistake, the undo feature will let you back up and try it again. You can also examine the frequency components and other details about your audio with the Frequency Analysis, Statistics, and Spectral View features. If you find yourself on the cutting edge and need audio for DVD, Adobe Audition supports 24-bit/96kHz files.

Cool Edit Pro - Best Audio Editing Software now known as Adobe Audition

Whether you`re an audio engineer, web developer, multimedia creator or musician, Cool Edit PRO is the software application that meets all your demanding needs.

More powerful than ever, Cool Edit Pro version 2 is packed with the latest and greatest features that the digital audio industry has to offer.

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"I just wanted to send an email to let you know how great this product is. I had an iPod shuffle that shorted out, and when searching for a new MP3 player, I liked other players much better than those sold by Apple. But I was upset to discover that none of the 100 plus songs I had in my iTunes library could be downloaded to any other MP3 player but an iPod. It made me angry to realize that songs I PAID for (not stole) were useless to me unless I purchased an Apple product, which I was loathe to after finding out about this. Finding your product saved me, and my music. Now I can buy the MP3 player I want and not lose any of the songs I have bought. Thanks so much!" -- Tiffany

Download TuneClone to convert WMA and iTunes M4P to MP3,WAV


  • TuneClone Version 1.02 Released on May 15,2008
  • TuneClone Version 1.00 Released on May 10,2008


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"I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I had 1500+ songs and would have taken over 100 CD's and countless hours with a traditional Burn & Rip method. Thank you for a simple software solution. I can now use these songs on my phone and other personal uses. I am one very happy customer. I've already posted on my Facebook page how simple and great this software worked for me." -- Craig Reed

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