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Convert any music format to unprotected MP3 via virtual CD burning

TuneClone M4P Converter is an easy to use software tool that converts M4P to MP3, M4P to WAV, M4P to WMA with the help of the automatically generated virtual CD drive.
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Convert iTunes M4P to MP3 using TuneClone M4P Converter

Generally speaking, when you purchase music from iTunes Store, it comes with a copyright protection called DRM (short for Digital Rights Management). These DRM-protected songs are locked so that they only work with Apple MP3 players. That means that if you bought a BlackBerry Storm, you cannot use iTunes music.

So, what is the solution? You have to burn a CD. When you do this, the DRM is removed (because the music is converted to a non-DRM-compatible media). After you burn the CD, you can rip it to your PC as an MP3 file which no longer has DRM.

Alternatively, you can use TuneClone M4P Converter. TuneClone M4P Converter makes a virtual CD drive, tricking your PC into believing that you are burning a CD. Therefore, the DRM is removed without wasting a CD.

M4P Converter - convert M4P to MP3, WAV and WAV

TuneClone M4P Converter is the software you are looking for if you have a big collection of iTunes music files to be converted to MP3, WAV or WMA for your Zune, PSP, BlackBerry, Mobile Phone and a lot more mobile music players. TuneClone M4P Converter applies the virtual CD burning technology to simulate the burning and ripping process. You just need to burn the iTunes M4P playlist to TuneClone virtual CD burner and TuneClone M4P Converter will directly convert M4P music files to MP3, WAV or WMA. It is very fast and the ID3 tags information about each music song will be preserved perfectly.

Key features of TuneClone M4P Converter

Convert M4P to MP3 via virtual CD burning, with title, artist, artworks information well preserved

  • TuneClone M4P Converter lets you remove DRM protection from purchased music files within a few clicks by applying the virtual CD burning technology. You can play the converted DRM removed music files with Media Player software or any MP3 players including Zune, PSP, BlackBerry, Creative Zen, iriver, etc.
  • Compared with using real CD-R or CD-RW disc, TuneClone's virtual CD burning can use the maximum writing speed and your music files can be converted at a very high speed.
  • TuneClone M4P Converter works great for batch converting music collections.
  • TuneClone M4P Converter supports almost all music file formats that your media player software can play and burn, no matter they are DRM protected or not, including WMA, M4P, AAC, MP3, WAV, etc.
  • TuneClone M4P Converter can convert music files to MP3, WAV and WAV format.
  • TuneClone M4P Converter is easy to install and use with a very handy and clear user interface.
  • TuneClone M4P Converter well preserves ID3 tags for artist, album, title names, artworks, etc.

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  • TuneClone Version 1.35 Released on January 15,2009
  • TuneClone Version 1.30 Released on December 15,2008
  • TuneClone Version 1.20 Released on September 3,2008


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"I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I had 1500+ songs and would have taken over 100 CD's and countless hours with a traditional Burn & Rip method. Thank you for a simple software solution. I can now use these songs on my phone and other personal uses. I am one very happy customer. I've already posted on my Facebook page how simple and great this software worked for me." -- Craig Reed

"If you have lots of music, you might need a big pile of CDs to convert everything with the "burn and rip" method above. That's where software can help. A "virtual CD drive" such as TuneClone can simulate a real CD burner, eliminating the need for real CD-R discs. The Windows operating system will treat the virtual drive just like a real one, so you can tell your CD burning software to access the virtual drive by it's own drive letter." --Bob